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This session identifies risk factors presented by an individual’s physical and emotional wellbeing, environment and social situation. Clarification of how the six core principles of safeguarding are implemented, to ensure a person centred approach. Participants will be guided to work through a series of case study exercises reflective of their work situations.

Half day session – 3.5 hours,  £48 per learner

Foundation Moving and Positioning

This predominantly practical course covers the Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992) and ensures carers have the essential skills and knowledge to adhere to safe principles when moving people with the aid of a wide range of equipment. Carers will have hands-on training with a variety of hoists, transfer aids and other small pieces of handling equipment. 

Full day session – 6.5 hours,   £60 per learner


Following a review of residential care providers’ safeguarding activity, the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE) recently produced a report making recommendations for practise which included arrangements for the training of care staff.

We have always believed that  emotive subjects such as safeguarding are best taught in a face-to-face manner, affording discussion based activity, and opportunities for learners to reflect on empathic responses to situations. 

Basic Life Support

This training session covers the practical and knowledge element of Standard 12 of the Care Certificate and includes the Primary Survey, CPR, Recovery Position, use of an AED and treatment of Choking, Bleeding and Burns. 

Half day session – 3.5 hours,   £48 per learner

Refresher Moving and Positioning

This course is for established staff who are experienced in moving and positioning of people. Sessions provide a revision of the legislation impacting on practice, promote safe principles to be adhered to and enable the practical application of techniques using a wide variety of large and small pieces of equipment. Groups are kept small to facilitate maximum learner participation.

Half day session – 3.5 hours,   £48 per learner

Safe Administration of Medication

This course clarifies the main provisions of the legislation relating to the administration of medication. Safe storage, administration, security and disposal of medication are explored in addition to effective recording of administration and reporting of issues concerning medication. A simulated administration provides a competency assessment within the session. 

Half day session – 3.5 hours,  £48 per learner

Epilepsy Awareness

This session equips carers with knowledge of what epilepsy is and how they can support individuals who are living with the condition. Learners will explore different types of seizures and identify how to provide first aid during and after seizures. Additionally, learners will practise a rescue intervention scenario in the event of the risk of status epilepticus which involves the administration of buccal midazolam. Competence is assessed against the requirements of the Joint Epilepsy Council. 

Half day session – 4 hours,  £48 per learner

Dementia awareness

A full day interactive workshop which explores dementia from the perspective of an individual living with the condition. Learners will review common forms of dementia and their symptoms, focusing on how to enhance the individual’s retained abilities to promote a person-centred approach for living well with dementia. Evidence-based best practice is referenced within the session including the benefits of outdoor activity, music and the creative arts. Communicating effectively and alleviating distress behaviours is also explored in order to develop carer confidence in a wide range of situations.

Full day session – 6.5 hours,  £70 per learner

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